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Our extensive experience in commercial and architectural projects gives our team the skill sets needed to work with engineered stone. Visit our commercial gallery for some great examples of our commercial work and know that you can use our fabrication shop with confidence for your next project.

When it comes to removing existing tile Corian or Formica countertops in your kitchen, Our professional installation crews know how to take care of your home. It starts with accurate templating, our trained technician will accurately measure your cabinets and walls. Our templating process allows to measure WITHOUT tearing out your existing countertops. The project is then fabricated in our production facility using our state of the art gear to ensure outstanding accuracy and quality of your stone project. We then send out our installation vehicles, they are clean and well maintained. They will not drop oil on your driveway. When our granite installers arrive they mask off the floors and lay down protective matting to ensure your home is not damaged or marred during the installation process. We will not be fabricating your kitchen in your driveway! When our team leaves your home they will clean up and make sure you are happy with every detail of your remodeled kitchen or bath. We will treat your home as if it were our own....this is not a job for our team members, it is a profession. We take pride in our granite and marble work.

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Aiken SC Granite Countertops...
 Aiken SC Granite Countertops Affordable Marble & Granite
creme borduex granite countertops SC...
 creme borduex granite countertops SC Affordable Marble & Granite
Lexington granite countertops SC...
 Lexington granite countertops SC Affordable Marble & Granite
Nassau granite countertops 3...
 Nassau granite countertops 3 Affordable Marble & Granite
Sufolk granite countertops 2...
 Sufolk granite countertops 2 Affordable Marble & Granite
6cm demi bullnose edge...
6cm demi bullnose edge Affordable Marble & Granite
amazing Affordable Marble & Granite
anitque labrador granite...
anitque labrador granite Affordable Marble & Granite


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Kitchen Designer Instant Estimator PhotoGallery

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We have great tools to help you to design your kitchen with the virtual kitchen designer. When you are ready to see pricing select the instant Estimator feature to get an idea of what it will cost for the stone that you choose. If you dont see the stone listed here be sure to check out the stone color selector where you can view over 1000+ stones from all over the world. In the case that we do not have a local service provider in your area we offer you the option to connect to a local stone professional through a partner connection.

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